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'Someone' hidden inside me tells me not to do this, not to do that. I am fed up. That silent 'Someone' somewhere sitting  inside me stops me when I run after the glittering and blinding beauty. That 'Someone' tells me that it's just a mirage, an illusion. It tells me to turn back as it's not going to take me to the goal I  want to turn back or I will be lost on my way and will never be able to come back.  But I don't listen. I run after that glitter. I want to grab it , have it all. I run after it knowing the result, such is the attraction. I want to return but I am totally helpless. I listen to my restless mind. It seems the only truth and how pleasant is what my mind tells me. This running drains me out, takes away all my energy. I only run and run . I run aimlessly. And one day when I realize, it's too late. I return but I have lost a part of my life. That 'Someone' in me is silent. That silence is deafening and I have only tears to shed. I have nothing left with me.
That 'Someone'  again whispers and tells me to get up, to wipe off my tears and look forward. He tells me to walk on the clean path and make the best out of what is left. Oh! I am fed up. That silent 'Someone'  deep down is still active, trying to stop me to run after the past. Oh! Why is it so hard to listen to Him? Oh.....

Every action has an Equal and opposite Reaction

Some genuine thoughts of mine...I don't know in this flow of thoughts if I am able to organize them properly to make sense...
I have been saying and believing that what has to happen will and nobody can change one's fate. But then I am forced to think... so one who does wrong knowingly, one who hurts people, one who commits crime for his own selfish reasons, can get away with it if he is not destined to be punished. But if this is so, then this is not fair.
Isn't it the law of nature that Every action has an equal and
opposite reaction ?
How much can we depend on fate? How much can we laugh at others, feel proud of our power and boast of some good combination of stars in our so called destiny? Time is bad or time is good, not does it remain the same always. I am supreme, no one can touch me, I can hurt, I can do wrong but who has the courage to fight with my power is the feeling in people who have been enjoying the sunshine for quite a long stretch of time. Everything is accumulating. Those drops of tears caused by you, those vibrations created by you, 
those silent painful screams which are not heard are getting accumulated. Don't be surprised if one day, all of them come together like a big wave and drown you totally and wash away your mask. Those stars will not be with you then and you will remain alone with your self-created misery. Such strong can be the vibrations that might reach you one day.
Don't forget that,
All the smiles that you put on other's faces go in vain if you are the cause of a single drop of tear.

Prayers and Hopes

All of us being human beings, live on hopes. The hope that one day
my wish will be fulfilled, one day it will be better than what it is
today, one day I will achieve success or one day I will be united
with my beloved and so on...
But as days pass by, man starts getting scared...what if my wish is
not fulfilled, what if I fail to achieve what I want so dearly ? And
that scared being starts looking for a support. It's very hard for
an ordinary human being to be totally independent, to fight all
alone. And the fear of losing or the thought of his wish not
getting fulfilled makes him weak. The confidence in him takes a turn and he starts looking for something or someone whom he can rely on, someone whom he can tell his wishes, someone who can help him. And that's where he turns to prayers and remedies. We all accept that there is a Superpower which controls the happenings in the world and we worship that Superpower in the form of a deity/a visible form as it is easy for the human mind to concentrate on a visible form. The wishes are fulfilled or not, the remedies work or not but that reliance doesn't go in vain. The prayers give man the extra strength and man is able to cope up with the bad time. That support keeps the hope alive and man cannot survive without that hope. Prayer makes his will power strong, increases the concentration and gives him the
mental strength to fight. To have the faith that HE is there to take
care and HE can solve my problems is what helps man to live through his tough life.

Fulfil your dreams....

"Pleasant memories are like the fragrance which remains with us for
the whole of our lives. Whether be it the proud moment of receiving
an award in school or a special evening with a friend, we love to
remember those beautiful moments. We all love to remember our
beautiful past. The nature of human mind is to think, to think back
and live in the past. But have you ever wondered why is there always
a sting hidden in those pleasant memories of the past? Somewhere
there is always a pain which pricks us when we remember the past.
Actually, the urge to live the past again is the cause behind that
pain. Why do we have that urge to live the past again when we
already have experienced the pleasure, have already once lived it?
We all have some dreams. We should always try our level best to
fulfil those dreams, so that when we remember our past we know that
we are living our dream. The present moment is only an extension of
our past and then no pain pricks us when we know that we havent lost
anything. Never kill your dreams for the reason which could be
overcome or a problem which could be solved. You might console
yourself that you sacrificed your dreams for a cause but that
disappointment, that guilt will never stop haunting you for the rest
of your life. Try your level best, but then what has to happen will.
One of my friends tells me, "Stars decide our fate but we have to
help those stars to work positively for us'. How true he is. So lets
not compromise but try to fulfil our dreams which we are capable of
turning into a reality. Lets live our beautiful life to the fullest
and try to carve it the way we want to. "

--Manoshi Chatterjee


We all think we know what love is. It’s not that I claim to know what it means exactly. But what I have known a little about love is so much for me. I was wandering in the forest of uncertainty, was running after a mirage in search of love, rather in the fear of losing the love. But how can I lose love when I have it in myself? I am fearless now, I know that love is within me and now the desperation has gone. I don’t want to reach any goal; I am just flowing with the flow.  There is a pain and I am bathing in the pain and it is bliss. When I realized that my love is eternal and love is to give, without expectations, I understood what love is. I haven’t loved to be loved, I haven’t loved to get any appreciation or I haven’t loved to cry and yell but I have loved to just love and I am bathing in that wonderful feeling each moment. Living in this materialistic world, I have this asset which I will have for ever; no one can take it away from me. I will always treasure my love.