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"I want it", the little girl says and it is given to her. All her wishes are fulfilled. A bed of  roses as it could  be named , doesn't stay the same for very long. That sheltered and protected life has to face the challenge now. Suddenly everything changes. Not everyone runs to see now  if that little girl is hurt when she falls. She has to get up herself and wash her wound and start walking again. Well, life is beautiful but it is not a bed of roses anymore. The thorns prick sometimes and blood oozes out. She has to bear the pain, apply the cream on the wound herself. Life is no more a smooth road but has its ups and downs. Her tears dont help anymore. She is learning to be hard. She is learning that, to rise one has to fall first. If she doesn't try to rise remembering the comfortable and beautiful past, she can never start walking again to reach the goal.
The mantra is 'FIGHT IT OUT, DON'T GIVE UP'. Life is tough, no doubt but it's beautiful too. She has to learn to appreciate the beauty.


Why is it so difficult sometimes to take a firm decision? It's the weakness in a person which weakens him and he falls back. One must try to be strong and overcome the weakness before one makes a decision. It' not very easy though as it's a battle between the concious and unconcious, heart and brain :-)
Sometimes the decisions one make come spontaneously  but sometimes one has to think about the pros and cons, present and future and then decide.  Everyone has some inner instincts which gives  the right thinking power.One can feel the upcoming danger and the future may all depend solely on one decision . A decision made in haste may sometimes ruin one's life.  It may appear harsh and cruel in certain cases but that decision gives the fruit later. One might has to go through a mental turmoil and pain to take a hard decision sometimes , but a mature person thinks and decides. Why all the wishes have to be fulfilled? It's important to build the  will power , overcome any related weakness before one takes a decision.

 Judge your decision and act.
One decision can affect many lives.




Human being has got a gift from nature, a gift from God and that is the power of tolerance.  The level of tolerance is different in different human beings. They say women can tolerate more than man that may be true or may not be but it’s true that human brain has a tremendous capacity to adjust.  The level of tolerance depends on the capability of the person to adapt, the capability to adjust to the new environment, to be flexible and accept what he/she doesn’t approve of most of the time.  Man doesn’t realize that he has been adjusting to the environment, to the new circumstances continuously or he would not survive as he would not be accepted by the society in which he lives.  Two people live together without realizing how much have they adjusted and adapted (in other words tolerated) and accepted the changes that came to their lives as he/she decided to allow a stranger to intrude his own comfortable surroundings. Sometimes due to societal pressure, couples live together just to be a part of the society, to show the society that everything is fine and there is a wonderful understanding among them.  Now the question is how much can one tolerate?   How do we measure the level of tolerance power in a human being?  The tolerance power in a person depends on a lot of factors and they are the individual flexible nature of the person, pressure, environment etc.  Living in a hostile environment and be happy whereas living in a friendly environment and still be unhappy is the difference between two individuals that solely depends on the tolerance level of the person. But where to draw the limits?  Don’t be taken for granted.  You cannot keep everyone happy. You cannot keep up to everybody’s expectations.   How much you surrender, people still will take advantage of you so you have to show that you are not adjusting or tolerating because you are weak but because you respect others.  So draw your limits. Stick to what you say, don’t show too much of flexibility.  Its good to be nice and keep everyone happy but you must know to love your own self first as you are the God and too much of giving in is the insult of that God in you.  Remember by giving in, it’s not the ego that you are giving up but you are losing your self pride.  As you are living in a society, you have the full right to make your decisions and stick to them.  Be honest to yourself and then only you can be honest to people.   Its good to be like others and be liked by others but you have to first like yourself and be your self first.


Why does it take such a long time to heal whereas the damage is done in a fluke of a second.

Speak of anything....

You drop a glass tumbler, it gets shattered and never can be put back again.

You break a bone in your body, it hardly takes a second and takes a few years to heal.

A relationship ...once broken...can ever be the same again?

Hurt someone , it doesn't take a second but it takes a life time to heal.

Shouldn't we learn something from this? One should be careful in what he/she says and how he/she behaves.

Handle things (materialistic or not) with care

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